RSS Feeds are fixed and should be properly functional this time

by habryka1 min read30th Jan 20186 comments


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Just pushed a fix that should make RSS feeds work properly (you will have to resubscribe to the RSS feeds, if you did so a while ago). Thanks to squirrelInHell who made me aware of the deeper problems with our RSS feed (that my RSS reader seemed to mostly automatically patch, but which other people ran into).

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What is the rss url, please?

Go to the frontpage, hover-over the different filters (curated, frontpage, community, etc) and click on the rss button in the hover-over, to get the respective rss url.

Yep, that’s the correct place. Sorry for that not being super clear!

As I mentioned in a post that has now fallen off the end of meta: while RSS feeds work much better now, usernames still don't show up as the author in the feeds.

Yeah, this is on my radar to fix. It should probably be pretty straightforward to fix, so a PR on our Github is also welcome.

Ah, excellent. I didn't know there was a github.