I translated 'Twelve Virtues of Rationality' into Hebrew.

by Yoav Ravid1 min read1st Jun 201914 comments


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Here it is - if you know Hebrew and have feedback, do give it, either in the comments here or in the document (it's not fully edited).

I don't really know what am i supposed to do with it now, though. where should i put it? can/should i put it on my future website? (of course i don't own the translation anymore than the original piece)

Regarding the translation, the thing I'm most uncertain of is (ironically) which word to use for 'virtue', if you have a better idea, please share.

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One obvious thing to do is link it in a comment on the original.

How about posting it on the Facebook group and discussing more there? It might be worthwhile to put in on rationality.co.il for example.

I'm not using Facebook, but you can post it there if you want :)

putting it on rationality.co.il sounds like a great idea :)

You can create an empty profile just for the LessWrong group, but it's your call of course. It's just convenient for tracking meetups, and there are some interesting discussions. There is also a Google group but it is mostly dormant nowadays.

"מידה" seems like a pretty good word for "virtue" to me.

Also, I think you should copy the text into the post here. :)

Yes! Someone recommended that word to me some time ago and it's a fantastic fit :)

I'll do as you suggested and copy the text here (we also just finished resolving all the comments and suggested changes a few weeks ago, after looking at it here and there for about a year)


I didn't realize it had changed. What was the previous word?

I used "סגולות" initially.

Though about pasting the Hebrew text - LessWrong doesn't seem to support RTL languages, so the formatting looks wrong (especially where there's a block quote). should i still paste the text?

It was also posted here, though it still displays an old version and needs to be updated.

"מעלה" would be the right word here i think. "סגולה" would be better translated to "quality". Just some intuitive thoughts by a native speaker, nothing formal.

There is some spell errors, but overall it's very nice.

Could you mark them? you should be able to to comment on the document