[LINK] How A Lamp Took Away My Reading And A Box Brought It Back

by CronoDAS1 min read30th Jan 20164 comments


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By Ferrett Steinmetz

Ferrett isn't officially a Rationality Blogger, but he posts things that seem relevant fairly often. This one is in the spirit of "Beware Trivial Inconveniences". It's the story of how he realized that a small change in his environment led to a big change in his behavior...

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Interestingly, Brienne just posted a rather similar story, though for her the environment's effect on her behavior is much more immediately obvious than in Ferrett's case.

He's posting this right after he got a new kindle. Of course if you buy a fancy new device you are going to use it more at first. Let's see if, a year later, he continues reading in bed, or goes back to his phone.

I know that sounds overly cynical, but I have made minor changes to my life that made big improvements. And I wanted to post about them going "hey guys this one weird trick totally changed my life!" And then a week later I was back to my old habits. The enthusiasm around the new idea turned out to be more important than the change itself.

Ferrett is great. Highly reccommend for both his fiction and his blogging.