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Do you do weekly or daily reviews? What are they like?

bybenwr 15d5th Aug 20197 comments


  • What system(s) do you use to keep yourself organized and working toward your goals? I'm interested in technologies, but more interested in what ontology you use to organize your tasks, events, goals, and plans.
  • Did you build your system slowly over time, or adopt it all at once?
  • What feels most important about your system to you?
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2 Answers

I have two task inboxes, one for work and one for personal. At the end of the day for work and sporadically for my personal life, I triage the incoming tasks*. For work this involves assigning between:

  • Asana upcoming for smalls or the “Possible Sprint Goals” project for larger tasks
  • The correct project backlog, tagged appropriately
  • Doing any that are less than 2 minutes

For personal this is a pretty quick:

  • Do now if < 2 minutes
  • Put in Personal Tasks, possibly tagged with a date and category

I do the work ones at the end of every day. I have some tasks that rely on me doing them at the end of the day that are valuable (I block slack during parts of the day, so sending messages happens at end of day), which keeps me motivated to do the review. It takes 10-40 minutes depending on how many tasks I generated. Most of the time is spent doing the < 2 minute tasks.

I select work tasks to work on at the start of every day from my “Upcoming” section and put them into the “Today” section of Asana.

There are several good environments for me to do personal triage. When I’m resting in between weightlifting sets at the gym, when I’m on public transit, and when I’m taking rideshare. (Aside: these are also good places to do Anki.) Combined, they’re more than enough to finish the triage. I’d say it averages about 5 minutes per day currently, though in the past it was more.

I work on Personal tasks on the weekends, often at a cafe.

* Tasks can range anywhere from “order measuring spoons on amazon”, or “figure out how recommendations should work on the Forum”. I have a bunch of low friction systems for taking notes which I can expand on if people are interested.

Weekly review:

  • I use Google sheets.
  • Rate my progress on key goals (1-5). Add notes justifying the score.
  • Note how much time I spent working, review work cycle sheets for trends, insight, and things I'd like to try next week.
  • Compare my view of what a successful week looked like with what actually happened.
  • Determine what a successful week looks like for the next week.

The ontology is key goals, weekly goals. Each goal is grouped under a broad project. I like flexibility, so the ontology is as general as it sounds.

Daily review:

  • I use work cycles to track my work and plan for 50 min sessions during the day. Work cycles have an in built review mechanism which is useful.
  • At the beginning of the day, I'll collect my main todos.
  • At the end of the day, I'll listen to this reflection or a similar one.

What I could be better at:

  • Sometimes my vision of what a successful week looks like slips through the cracks. Not for very important things, but I don't have the best system for reviewing moderately important things. It's not clear to me how bad this is, but there's a class of chore like thing that can take longer me longer to do than I'd often like.

I have compiled all of these pieces rather slowly.