I'm enjoying lesswrong.com a lot so far, and it sounds like the last LW/OB meetup was a lot of fun. MBlume asks:

So far there've only been LW/OB meetups in the Bay area -- is there any way we could plot the geographic distribution of LW members and determine whether there are other spots where we could get a good meetup going?

I don't think that there are so many of us that we need an automated system for this; the threading system should be enough.I'll post a few top-level comments for various parts of the world, and encourage you all to follow up and tell us where you are. Ideally, find a comment that has where you live in it already and add "me too".

I'll try to keep this post updated with useful things. I can't wait to play Paranoid Debating!

Edit: Please don't post where you live in a new top-level comment! Try to find a comment referring to the rough geographic region you live in and post under that; it'll make this post easier to navigate.  I've divided the world into three (North America, Europe, everywhere else); posting under those comments will help.  Thanks!

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The Less Wrong visit map:

  1. United States 31,827
  2. United Kingdom 6,662
  3. Canada 4,399
  4. Australia 2,943
  5. Finland 1,726
  6. Germany 1,502
  7. Netherlands 1,001
  8. Sweden 989
  9. New Zealand 750
  10. France 691
  11. Russia 577
  12. Ireland 524
  13. Brazil 434
  14. Israel 410
  15. Denmark 390
  16. Croatia 331
  17. India 327
  18. Belgium 322
  19. Japan 293
  20. Poland 288
  21. Austria 261
  22. Norway 247
  23. China 233
  24. Italy 192
  25. Spain 190

And some more detail:

(edit: credit to Google Analytics for all of the heavy lifting in this comment)

8AllanCrossman12yThis map would be better if it was based on visits divided by population. Currently it shows America as much darker than Britain even though Britain has about the same per capita LW readership... (and a considerably higher readership per landmass). (Of course, getting the population for each country would be a right pain, so I don't blame you.)
4Paul Crowley12yThis map would be best of all if it were an LW cartogram!
0Suryc119yIs there an updated version of this? I don't have the know-how to do it myself.
0[anonymous]10yThe colour coding should be based on visits per unit area or per unit population, not total visit...
0khafra12yGreat stat visualization and breakdown! But it's not in first normal form: There's two Bellevues, and the St. Petersburg entry doesn't specify whether it's Florida (which has a blob in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, and no entry for Tampa) or Russia (which seems to be the origin of a few prominent LW'ers). I'm not sure of the most efficient way to resolve the ambiguities.
0matt12yAll of the heavy lifting here is done by Google Analytics. (The St. Petersburg entry in the "US visitors by city" pdf is the one in the US).

This post is a good idea, but wouldn't it be easier for everyone to join the less wrong facebook group? I'm not positive, but I think the geographical sorting can then be easily viewed automatically. You could then invite the subgroups to their own group, and easily send group messages.

1Paul Crowley12yI thought of that, but quite a few folk seemed to object to the idea of using Facebook here, so I thought this was the safest option. I'm in the Facebook group too, as Paul Crowley.

The location I'm providing is a little vague because I want to say where I am, but posting that as a female almost guarantees a loss of anonymity in various contexts. I'm in the Western United States. For those using find in page, my region includes:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Post in this thread if you live in Europe.

3gaffa12yPost here if you live in Sweden.
2Henrik_Jonsson12yUmeå, Sweden.
0Dojan8ySame here! Are you still around?
2Jens12yStockholm, Sweden.
1luff11yHärnösand, Sweden.
1NihilCredo11yUppsala, Sweden.
0gaffa10yGothenburg, Sweden.
3infotropism12yPeople of Belgium, unite behind me ... if any.
0Plasmon10yI'm from Belgium
2Emile12yPost in this thread if you live in France.
1Emile12yI live in Paris
1igoresque12yYvelines, next to Paris
1bogdanb12yRight next to Paris myself, Palaiseau en fait.
0Gyrodiot5yGreetings, from Toulouse.
0pangel10yI am too.
0MasterGrape11yI live near Carcassonne
0Morendil12yI'm in Paris
2Paul Crowley12yI live in London, UK.
3MichaelHoward12yI'm in London, and till we organize something I recommend the UKTA [http://www.uktranshumanistassociation.org/]/ExtroBritannia [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/extrobritannia/] meets [http://extrobritannia.blogspot.com/].
3taw12yAnother Londoner here. By power of statistics there should be enough of us to organize it even the next weekend if we wanted. If anybody else wants to organize that, go ahead, I don't really have much experience in this. But in case there are no other volunteers I'll do it. So if any Londoners interested in rationalist meetup in some coffeeshop or pub, just email me at Tomasz.Wegrzanowski@gmail.com If there will be 5 or more interested people, I'll suggest some times and places and hopefully we can set the first meetup this way. The first one is always the hardest, the next one will hopefully be less ad hoc than that.
2Paul Crowley12yI'd go for a weekday evening in a pub in town to kick off...
2JulianMorrison12yWeekdays are useless to anyone not actually in London - even close by, it would take too long to travel in after work. Also, pubs are hugely overrated for serious talk, where you want less echoes, less music, less TV and less shouty people. Try a Starbucks? Edit: meeting near a station or at least Zone 1 tube is also a plus.
0taryneast11yI'm up for that - Tue/Wed/Thu (tho not in silly season). Alternatively, a weekend midday/afternoon, unless you'd like to come out to Windsor. :)
0Paul Crowley11yThe post you're replying to is very old, but see Calling LW Londoners [http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/39x/calling_lw_londoners/] - a meetup on Sunday 2011-01-02 seems likely!
0taryneast11yFantastic. Thanks for that :)
2JulianMorrison12yReading, UK, and UKTA is excellent.
1taryneast11yI'm in Slough - work in London. This thread is a couple years old, though, any current activity?
0MichaelHoward11yHi. Yes, it's still going. The last meeting "The neuropsychology of self control - and its implications for AI and brain simulation" was on 13 November. See my links above for future meetings, and hope to see you there :)
0taryneast11yCool. Thanks. That does sound interesting. I did check out the group page, but I noticed that you can't see the calendar unless you're a member... but I don't like to join unless I can see the calendar of past events (to see if they're local/relevant/interesting etc)... catch-22 sometimes ;) Of course, I could join, look, then unjoin - but that's far more effort... especially when you have to be approved first.
0MichaelHoward11yHmm... that does seem a little foot-shooting, unless you join too many groups and want a reason not to ;) There's nothing in the ExtroBritannia list's calendar though, but you can see the events on the blog [http://extrobritannia.blogspot.com/].
0taryneast11yThat would be an accurate description of my life ;) Currently I am interested in way too many things - and have a habit of joining up to all of them to see if I'm interested enough to continue going along... Unfortunately I am limited by time from going to everything I'd like.
2marc12yI'm in London
1whpearson12yDevon, UK. London meets are a bit far at the moment, but I may be moving.
1Roko12yEdinburgh, republic of Scotland ;-) I come down to london fairly frequently. it is cheap if I have notice of a month.
1AlanCrowe12yI'm also in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1[anonymous]12yAye, me too.
0sark11yme too, University of Edinburgh
0strangeloop11yLondon as well.
0Larks12yEastbourne, East Sussex Edit: Also Oxford, UK in termtime.
2oliverbeatson12yAnother Eastbourne, East Sussex.
0Alexandros12yGuildford, UK. Definitely up for any London meetups.
0mathemajician12yYay London
1Torben12yCopenhagen (city, not snuff).
1[anonymous]12yAarhus (city with smile).
1XiXiDu12yGermany, NRW, Gütersloh
1Sebastian_Hagen12yRostock, Germany [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Rostock&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=47.972233,80.595703&ie=UTF8&ll=54.085173,12.128906&spn=17.953201,61.171875&z=5] .
0SimonF10yCologne, Germany Xixidu, are you interested in a mini-lw-meetup in nrw?
0Tripitaka10yGießen, Germany.
1Tripitaka10yI suspect there may be some undercover-readers out of Frankfurt am Main, see: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/lesswrong.com# [http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/lesswrong.com#] " It has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Frankfurt Am Main (#3,397)." If there are, hands up by any means, we could have enough people for a german meet-up!
0TrE10yAlso Gießen, Germany.
0yrff_jebat11yBerlin, Germany
0jasticE11yMunich, Germany
0David Althaus10yme too.
0[anonymous]11yStuttgart, Germany
1Bongo12yPost in this thread if you live in Finland.
1Kaj_Sotala12yHelsinki here.
1vizikahn12yI live in Oulu.
1kluge12yOulu as well.
1Cunya12yTampere, but a Hungarian.
1RichardKennaway12yNorwich, UK.
1abigailgem12yNewport, South Wales (Casnewydd, De Cymru). Rarely in London, willing to travel to Bristol or Swansea.
1gjm12yCambridge, UK.
1PaulWright12yMe too! (But gjm knew that).
1gjm12yI'm mildly surprised that so far there's only the two of us.
0Viliam_Bur10ySlovakia, Bratislava
0mindbound10yRiga, LV.
0emil10yAnybody from Romania?
0ChrisPine11yOslo, Norway
0FourFire6yOslo, Norway.
0steven046112yPost in this thread if you live in the Netherlands.
1steven046112yI live in Amsterdam.
0Morendil8yDo you still live there? I'll be there on vacation next week, and I'd be interested in meeting up (general policy of looking for opportunities to meet people IRL that I only know online - if that's not your cup of tea, I'd totally understand).

Post in this thread if you live in the US or Canada.

3Michelle12yVictoria, BC
1Owen_Richardson10yAlso Victoria, BC. (Same person as user "Eoghanalbar", which I'm not using anymore.)
0Eoghanalbar11yAlso Victoria, BC. Home of the sasquatch and pacific tree octopus, and where the conservative party is named 'the liberals'.
3PhilGoetz12yWashington DC. Im in ur capital advizin ur prezident. [http://www.cafepress.com/orderofthestick.335966094]
6MBlume12yglad I'm not the only Bayesian who loves OotS
6Eliezer Yudkowsky12yrest assured...
1ChrisBrown12yIn the NoVA/DC area as well.
1Jack12yMe too.
0DSimon10yI'm not officially in DC, but I'm close enough to have a metro stop within walking distance of my house.
0Document11yWithin 160 miles or ~3 hours of DC according to Mapquest.
0Hook11yIn between DC and Baltimore
0RobinZ12yLikewise, in the DC area.
0Benquo12ylikewise - DC
2swestrup12yMontreal, Canada
1Pierre-Andre12yQuébec, Qc, Canada.
0Nebu12yMe too: Montreal, Canada.
2CronoDAS12yPost in this thread if you live within what you consider easy driving distance from New York City.
1robzahra12yNYC area: Rob Zahra [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/12/698/169], AlexU [http://lesswrong.com/user/AlexU], and Michael Vassar [http://intelligence.org/blog/2009/02/16/introducing-myself/] sometimes...
1Zvi12yI live in NYC proper.
1crazypaki12yay, North Kersey for me and I am in the city 3-4 days a week
1[anonymous]12yWhat if you do, but don't have a car? (Note: I don't regardless.)
1CronoDAS12yI live in central New Jersey.
1dclayh12yMe too: Princeton.
0olimay12yI said Princeton above, since it's my mailing address (and recognizable to non-locals.) Close enough, I guess, and anyway I've recently been spending most of my time (here) in Frist.
0xamdam11yLong Island, work in NYC
0olimay12yPrinceton, NJ. Easy train ride up. I visit NYC every other weekend.
0dreeves12yDriving distance? I live in Manhattan, sans car.
0MichaelBishop12yI visit NYC several times a year - whatever that's worth. I live in Chicago though.
0chesh12ySalt Lake City. Seems we're the entire mountain time delegation.
0hamnox10yI don't think words can convey just how happy seeing this post has made me. I am also from Salt Lake City :)
0jtolds10yhey me too!
0hamnox10yGreat! Perhaps we could stage a meetup.
0chesh10yOh, hey there! Nice to know I'm not completely alone here.
1GuySrinivasan12yPost in this thread if you live in the Pacific Northwest.
1GuySrinivasan12yI live in Redmond, WA.
0ameriver10yI'm in central Oregon
1Chase_Johnson12yPost in this thread if you live within driving distance of Dallas, TX.
1SilasBarta12yWaco, TX. (Prompt reply, I know...)
1Simulacra12ySugar Land (Houston area), not exactly day trip material but with sufficient notice I could make something.
0Chase_Johnson12yWe do seem to be thin on the ground in Texas.
1MrHen12yI'm currently in Tyler, TX.
1Chase_Johnson12yI live in Richardson.
0clay12yI just caught this when I saw Silas post in the sidebar. I don't know if you're still around LW, but I live in Richardson as well, although I plan to move to the Bay Area soon.
0pdf23ds12yI live in Mount Pleasant, TX.
1Rune12yWaterloo, Ontario.
1BrandonReinhart12ySeattle, WA
1Aurini12yCalgary, Alberta.
1Cyan12yOttawa, Canada.
1MichaelGR12yI'm moving to Ottawa on May 1st. How many people do we need to have quorum?
5Cyan12yOne representative from each of the twelve colonies.
3MichaelGR12yCan I be Caprica?
2Cyan12yCertainly! And I shall be the Vogon representative.
1LongInTheTooth12yOttawa, Canada
1badger12yPhoenix, Arizona
1AndySimpson12yWohoo! Glendale.
1janos12yI'm mostly a lurker, but I'm in Toronto.
1MichaelGR12yCanada, Ottawa.
1jimrandomh12yPost in this thread if you live in New England
1imaxwell12yI attend the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, and live on campus. I am in Massachusetts about every other weekend on average, and I considered posting this in "Massachusetts." I could easily make a MA meetup.
1jimrandomh12yPost in this thread if you live in Massachusetts
3Alicorn12yI live in Amherst, MA. Should we also be posting how mobile we are? I rely on the bus system and the goodwill of my roommate to get around. I couldn't attend an event in, say, Boston unless there was carpooling.
1adb12yMedford, MA. Enjoyed the OB meetup on the MIT campus, which was convenient since I work across the street. I'd be up to renting a car and driving to Amherst or New Hampshire for a meetup on a weekend, especially if there was time for hiking.
1grobstein12yCambridge, MA. Rarely venture beyond Boston metro area. However, I'll in the Pioneer Valley on Apr. 17-19, if anyone is interested in a meetup that Sunday (19th), say NoHo or Amherst.
1Alicorn12yThe bus is less friendly on weekends, but I could get as far as Amherst Center (and back) without spending unduly long waiting for multiple buses.
1James_Miller12yI live in South Deerfield, MA and work in Northampton Contact me at EconomicProf@Yahoo.com
1jimrandomh12yI live in Bedford, MA
0Nick_Roy10yI live in Plymouth, MA during the summer, and am able to get to Boston.
0thomblake12yNew Haven, CT. I go to Boston and NYC sometimes so a meetup either place might be possible. Or here as the in-between spot.
1MBlume12yPost in this thread if you live in California
1[anonymous]11yI live in Davis.
1dfranke12yPost in this thread if you live in the Bay Area.
2Eliezer Yudkowsky12yI live in Redwood City, at least for now.
1John_Maxwell12yI live in Santa Clara, but I don't have a car, so...
1rhollerith12yI live in Marin County.
1orthonormal12yI live in Berkeley.
1dfranke12yI live in San Francisco.
0ianshakil11yI'm in Palo Alto
0DanMeyer11yPalo Alto (it might technically be EPA)
0ata11yI live in Berkeley.
0zntneo10yI live in seaside,ca.
0MBlume10yHey there. I think our current closest regular meetup is at Tortuga in Mountain View, which is to say -- miles away from you. If you're inclined to try hosting your own meetup, I strongly suspect you'd at least hear from some UCSC folk.
0MBlume12yPost in this thread if you live in Southern California
1MBlume12yI've started a meetup group [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87459755848] for LessWrongers in Southern California
1haig12yI'm in pasadena
0outlawpoet12yPlaya del Rey, by the beach just south of Santa Monica and West of LA proper.
0JGWeissman12yPost in this thread if you live in Orange County
1Yasser_Elassal12yI live in San Clemente, but I'd be willing to drive anywhere in Orange County for an occasional meetup.
1ianshakil12yIrvine, CA here EDIT: I now live in Palo Alto
1Matt_Simpson12yI'll be at Chapman University in Orange for 6 weeks this summer. I imagine The city of Orange is in Orange County, but correct me if I'm wrong.
1MBlume12yyes indeed it is =) it's about half an hour north of lake forrest, if memory serves. Which six weeks? That might be a good time to shoot for a so-cal meetup
1Matt_Simpson12yJune 29 to August 7
0JGWeissman12yI live in Lake Forest
1MBlume12yI could catch a train down to OC pretty easily.
0MBlume12yPost in this thread if you live in Santa Barbara County
1HalFinney12yI live between Goleta and Santa Barbara. I am 54.
1MBlume12yalso, just created a Less Wrong in SB [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=42792779952] group on Facebook
1MBlume12yAwesome, if you and jimmy are up for it, maybe we could all get some dinner in the next week some time
1jimmy12yI'm in Isla Vista
1MBlume12yI'm having some trouble responding to your PM, so: I'm working for prof Richman, though more "trying to get up to speed" than "working" right at the moment. I just had Nelson for my particle class the last two quarters -- it was a lot of fun. So I was thinking if Hal was up for it the three of us could grab some dinner in the next week or so -- that work for you? Also: LW SB group [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=42792779952]
1jimmy12ySounds good to me.
1MBlume12yAwesome, I'm Mike, I'm a physics grad at UCSB
1MBlume12yI attend University of California, Santa Barbara, and live on campus.
0kithpendragon9yHarrisburg, PA
0windmil9yFlorida, the central part.
0r_claypool10yNashville, Tennessee
0JackEmpty10yNew Brunswick, Canada.
0hewhocutsdown11yMinneapolis, Minnesota
0jwhendy10ySt. Paul, Minnesota -- I see there was a meetup in 2009 but could't find anything else... how many Minnesotans are there? Can we get together?
0NancyLebovitz11yPost in this thread if you're in the Philadelphia area.
0Document11yWithin 28 miles or 40 minutes of Philadelphia according to Mapquest, which sounds basically accurate to me.
0NancyLebovitz11yI'm in Philadelphia.
0wnoise11yAlbuquerque, New Mexico.
0Pavitra12yFairfield, Iowa.
0TobyBartels11yI dub Pavitra's post the beginning of the Great Plains thread. Lincoln NE
0Nick_Tarleton12yPittsburgh, PA
0Document11yAbout 280 miles or 5 hours from Pittsburgh according to Mapquest.
0mattnewport12yVancouver, Canada.
0SoullessAutomaton12yPost in this thread if you live in the midwestern USA or nearby areas of Canada, ideally roughly within a day's drive of Chicago. EDIT: For anyone in this area, Penguicon [http://www.penguicon.org] may be a good location for a meetup. It's a mixed sci-fi/open-source/general-geekery convention in the Detroit area, and just might possibly have at least one guest that LW readers would be interested to meet. I probably won't be there this year, though.
2Sniffnoy10yI'm in Ann Arbor.
2HA212yChampaign, IL
2Technologos12ySouth Side of Chicago
0MichaelBishop12yMe too. U of C affiliated?
1Technologos12yYep! I'll get in touch.
1NicSmith12y"Me too." I'm in Chicago.
0Nic_Smith11yJust updating that I've changed to Nic_Smith.
1Dustin12yNear St. Louis.
1aleph12yBloomington IN, Chicago area native, so I'm back that way fairly often anyway.
1venusatuluri12yColumbus, Ohio
1Matt_Simpson12yNear St. Louis, MO or Ames, IA, depending on the time of year.
1Psy-Kosh12yI'm Detroit...ish area, and actually I am planning to go to Penguicon this year
1arundelo12yDetroit, MI.
1hhadzimu12yChicago, IL.
0Insert_Idionym_Here9yI used to live in Ann Arbor, rather recently. I live in Saginaw now.
0Perplexed11yCleveland OH
0TobyBartels11yLincoln NE I can reach Chicago in a day, but Detroit is too far.
0Unnamed11yChicago area.
0LeBleu12yAlgoma, WI (about 4 hours north of Chicago)
0NQbass712yI'm in Peoria, IL. In Chicago pretty often though.
-1[anonymous]12yMobile, Al

I'm from Nigeria.

0oge4yWhere in Nigeria?
0DragonGod4yI live in Lagos, but I'm currently at my University; it's in Ogun state. You're (presumably) Nigerian as well (Yoruba from your name)?
0oge4yHaha, I live in Lagos too. One day we'll have a proper meetup :)
0DragonGod4yOkay. :)

Would it be a good idea to bump this to the front page every now and then?

2Douglas_Knight12yMaybe a link to it in the text of the monthly open thread?
2Vladimir_Nesov12yAnd to the Welcome thread.
[-][anonymous]12y 1

Seattle, WA

Dublin, Ireland.

0Laoch10yLimerick, Ireland.
[-][anonymous]12y 1

Shanghai, China

[-][anonymous]12y 1

Orange County, CA here

Why are people voting the comments on this post up and down? 7 completely neutral comments expressing where people live have been voted down to zero. That's crazy.

3MBlume12ycipher and I removed the upvotes from our own comments since we were making lots of comments to give structure to the thread, and did not feel it was fair for us to earn karma from them.
1Eliezer Yudkowsky12yDon't worry about it, we'll get rid of karma for self-upvotes later.
4komponisto12ySo (in other words) you want to require actual upvotes (from others) to earn karma, rather than merely avoiding downvotes. Are you sure this is a good idea? Why shouldn't one's own vote count?
8Emile12yBecause right now user karma correlates more strongly with post count than with post quality. You get what you measure, so that needs to be fixed.
2komponisto12yBut why shouldn't it correlate with post count? That way the incentive structure encourages active participation; under the system Eliezer prefers, people might be tempted to hold back. Is this there a need to correct things in this direction? Are we getting too many low-quality posts and comments? (I also think that the automatic self-upvote makes sense on the grounds that making a comment should itself be considered a statement about what sort of comments the user would like to see more of. If not, the user can always undo the upvote.)
4Emile12ySince comments tend to get upvoted more often than downvoted, why would people hold back? A comment's 'expected karma' would still be positive :) We can still add an extra "post count" to a user's profile if anybody needs to know that. And no, I don't think that this site is glutted with low-quality comments, but it's young and I already can't keep track of all that's being said, so a gentle nudge in the "quality over quantity" direction would be a Good Thing.
4SoullessAutomaton12yThat depends on whether or not total karma is supposed to indicate anything meaningful. As is, it will mostly indicate how early a member joined and how active they've been.
1Paul Crowley12yUnless you're confident that later will be soon, it still seems to make sense to work around the system for now. BTW, MBlume, nice bit of mind reading, I was impressed by that!
0MBlume12ylol, thanks =)
0steven046112yI downvoted a few comments on the same principle yesterday, but I see those have been repaired. Hope people didn't take it as disapproval.
4Eliezer Yudkowsky12yOkay seriously, don't worry about this, it'll get fixed eventually and then we don't want to have to run back and change everything back around. A few points of temporary karma are not important.
[-][anonymous]12y 1

This post is a good idea, but wouldn't it be easier for everyone to join the less wrong facebook group? I'm not positive, but I think the geographical sorting can then be easily viewed automatically. You could then invite the subgroups to their group, and post meetings etc. that way. There may be better methods than this I don't know about.

Anyone from Russia? I live in Moscow.

1Vladimir_Golovin12yRostov-na-Donu here :) I know a couple of guys here in Rostov (was quite surprised to discover them!) who are interested in That Which Cannot Be Named Yet. They could definitely learn a lot from reading LW and the OB corpus, but unfortunately their English isn't good enough. (BTW, I didn't think you were from Moscow, thought you're an immigrant -- your English is way too good for a regular Russian.)
1cousin_it12yMe too.
0BT_Uytya10yI'm from Bashkortostan, but now I live in Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast because, you know, I'm a student and my university is located there.
0khafra12yI live in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, that's Florida, not Russia. Which is a shame, because I'm always impressed by your comments, and usually learn something. спасибо.

Post in this thread if you live outside Europe, the US, or Canada.

2y0math9yMumbai, India
2insaneabd12yLahore, Pakistan
2[anonymous]12yAny other African expats? Rwanda? In fact, I'll see your small central African nation and raise you a Burundi, Uganda, or Eastern Congo if it's not buried in lava by next week.
2[anonymous]12yShanghai, China
1michaelkeenan12yTaipei, Taiwan.
1blogospheroid12yBangalore, India, honest confession, a lurker more than a commentor. I feel i don't know enough.
0thungas12yhey.. am from Bangalore.. on/off lurker.. had an acct for long.. but this is my first comment.. -Srikanth Thunga
1Vladimir_Gritsenko12yI can't be the only guy to generate the 410 hits from Israel... if I am, that is very sad.
0DanArmak12yI'm from Israel. Currently live in Jerusalem studying at HUJI.
0dyokomizo12ySao Paulo, Brazil
0Gust9ySame! Are you still around?
0dyokomizo9yAround São Paulo, yes. Around LW, not much anymore, I mostly read it via feed reader.
0AndrewH12yAuckland, New Zealand
0james_edwards11yMe too!
0free_rip11yChch, NZ.
[-][anonymous]11y 0

Brisbane, Australia

New Jersey! Arent there enough OB/LWers to make a greater new york area meetup once in 2 months possible?

0olimay12yPrinceton area. I'm good to meet up in NYC too.
[-][anonymous]12y 0

Tokyo, Japan.

Los Angeles, Ca

1MBlume12yhey, just so you know, there's some other southern californians hanging out down-thread [http://lesswrong.com/lw/7c/where_are_we/4sp#comments]

Canberra, Australia.

0JamesCole11yBrisbane, Australia
0Ramana Kumar12yCanberra, Australia, too.
0Virge12yMelbourne, Australia
0TomM10yMelbourne as well...
0Patrick11ySame here.
0luminosity11yMe too.
0patrickmclaren11yOne more!
0MattFisher12ySydney, Australia But I could make it to Canberra ;)
0janm11ySydney, Australia too.
0erratio11ySydney here too
[-][anonymous]12y 0

I'd love to meet any of you near Atlanta, GA!

2chronophasiac12yYup, me too.

Post in this thread if you're female. (I'm not; just wondering.)

0Alicorn12yI'm female. Why is this a matter of interest?
1John_Maxwell12yI'm curious about who reads the site, I guess.
0byrnema12yIt would be neat to know the distribution. (I'm F.)
0free_rip11yI doubt we'll get an idea of distribution from this thread, but I'm female.
3byrnema11yThanks, I'm glad to know that. Since I made that comment, there's been a survey [http://lesswrong.com/lw/fk/survey_results/] and they found that about 3% of us are female. Maybe it's as high as 10% or 20% with error and lurkers, but we're still a minority. Have you been following Less Wrong for a while, or have you recently come across it?
2free_rip10yI'm new, as evidenced by the fact that until now I did not realize I had a handy inbox that told me about replies. (Yes, that was an apology for taking so long to respond. cough Sorry.) Haven't been on much since I joined (few months past) what with exams, but hoping to become a little less of a lurker now that they're finished and I've read through a fair bit of the sequences and whatnot. I kind of wish there were sequences on math and science and other such things on this site - I can get most of the concepts, but I'm still in high school and the maths goes over my head sometimes.
2shokwave10yPeople have recommended betterexplained [http://betterexplained.com/] and khan academy [http://www.khanacademy.org/] for math mostly and some science.
3free_rip10yThank you! Betterexplained is alright, but Khan Academy is amazing - easy, simple, great layout, progress tracking, instructional videos, challenges. I'm working my way through the logarithms track at the moment. (Yes, I am that far behind all of you.)