I'm enjoying lesswrong.com a lot so far, and it sounds like the last LW/OB meetup was a lot of fun. MBlume asks:

So far there've only been LW/OB meetups in the Bay area -- is there any way we could plot the geographic distribution of LW members and determine whether there are other spots where we could get a good meetup going?

I don't think that there are so many of us that we need an automated system for this; the threading system should be enough.I'll post a few top-level comments for various parts of the world, and encourage you all to follow up and tell us where you are. Ideally, find a comment that has where you live in it already and add "me too".

I'll try to keep this post updated with useful things. I can't wait to play Paranoid Debating!

Edit: Please don't post where you live in a new top-level comment! Try to find a comment referring to the rough geographic region you live in and post under that; it'll make this post easier to navigate.  I've divided the world into three (North America, Europe, everywhere else); posting under those comments will help.  Thanks!

The Less Wrong visit map:

  1. United States 31,827
  2. United Kingdom 6,662
  3. Canada 4,399
  4. Australia 2,943
  5. Finland 1,726
  6. Germany 1,502
  7. Netherlands 1,001
  8. Sweden 989
  9. New Zealand 750
  10. France 691
  11. Russia 577
  12. Ireland 524
  13. Brazil 434
  14. Israel 410
  15. Denmark 390
  16. Croatia 331
  17. India 327
  18. Belgium 322
  19. Japan 293
  20. Poland 288
  21. Austria 261
  22. Norway 247
  23. China 233
  24. Italy 192
  25. Spain 190

And some more detail:

(edit: credit to Google Analytics for all of the heavy lifting in this comment)

This map would be better if it was based on visits divided by population. Currently it shows America as much darker than Britain even though Britain has about the same per capita LW readership... (and a considerably higher readership per landmass).

(Of course, getting the population for each country would be a right pain, so I don't blame you.)

Great stat visualization and breakdown! But it's not in first normal form: There's two Bellevues, and the St. Petersburg entry doesn't specify whether it's Florida (which has a blob in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, and no entry for Tampa) or Russia (which seems to be the origin of a few prominent LW'ers). I'm not sure of the most efficient way to resolve the ambiguities.

All of the heavy lifting here is done by Google Analytics.

(The St. Petersburg entry in the "US visitors by city" pdf is the one in the US).

This post is a good idea, but wouldn't it be easier for everyone to join the less wrong facebook group? I'm not positive, but I think the geographical sorting can then be easily viewed automatically. You could then invite the subgroups to their own group, and easily send group messages.

I thought of that, but quite a few folk seemed to object to the idea of using Facebook here, so I thought this was the safest option. I'm in the Facebook group too, as Paul Crowley.

Another Londoner here. By power of statistics there should be enough of us to organize it even the next weekend if we wanted.

If anybody else wants to organize that, go ahead, I don't really have much experience in this. But in case there are no other volunteers I'll do it. So if any Londoners interested in rationalist meetup in some coffeeshop or pub, just email me at Tomasz.Wegrzanowski@gmail.com If there will be 5 or more interested people, I'll suggest some times and places and hopefully we can set the first meetup this way.

The first one is always the hardest, the next one will hopefully be less ad hoc than that.

Weekdays are useless to anyone not actually in London - even close by, it would take too long to travel in after work.

Also, pubs are hugely overrated for serious talk, where you want less echoes, less music, less TV and less shouty people. Try a Starbucks?

Edit: meeting near a station or at least Zone 1 tube is also a plus.

I'm up for that - Tue/Wed/Thu (tho not in silly season). Alternatively, a weekend midday/afternoon, unless you'd like to come out to Windsor. :)

I'm in Slough - work in London. This thread is a couple years old, though, any current activity?

Hi. Yes, it's still going. The last meeting "The neuropsychology of self control - and its implications for AI and brain simulation" was on 13 November. See my links above for future meetings, and hope to see you there :)

Cool. Thanks. That does sound interesting.

I did check out the group page, but I noticed that you can't see the calendar unless you're a member... but I don't like to join unless I can see the calendar of past events (to see if they're local/relevant/interesting etc)... catch-22 sometimes ;)

Of course, I could join, look, then unjoin - but that's far more effort... especially when you have to be approved first.

but I don't like to join unless I can see the calendar of past events (to see if they're local/relevant/interesting etc)... catch-22 sometimes ;)

Hmm... that does seem a little foot-shooting, unless you join too many groups and want a reason not to ;)

There's nothing in the ExtroBritannia list's calendar though, but you can see the events on the blog.

unless you join too many groups and want a reason not to ;)

That would be an accurate description of my life ;)

Currently I am interested in way too many things - and have a habit of joining up to all of them to see if I'm interested enough to continue going along...

Unfortunately I am limited by time from going to everything I'd like.

I suspect there may be some undercover-readers out of Frankfurt am Main, see: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/lesswrong.com# " It has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Frankfurt Am Main (#3,397)."

If there are, hands up by any means, we could have enough people for a german meet-up!