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Good piece! I really liked the title especially, very evocative. Some of the tips stood well by themselves, such as the align urges with goals.

I would suggest revising some of the other tips to make them either more clear and stand by themselves, or provide more salient links. For example, here's a good link for goal factoring. It gives people a clear series of steps for what to do next. The current link there does not provide clear information on how to do goal factoring.

Nice venue to get published in as well. Congrats on your work to promote rationality that way!

I liked the article, too! The writing style was very friendly, both in tone, and in how concepts were presented in a gentle manner. :) The link to Rational Toothpaste was also a welcome reminder that I should really consider getting an electronic toothbrush, which was something I'd forgotten that I'd been wanting to do.

That's one of those times where it's sad that CFAR doesn't have public descriptions of their ideas on their website that can be easily linked.

Good article, but I wonder about getting feedback on whether your goals need improvement.

For example, you might be resisting sprinting because you need more preparation for it.