Overcoming Akrasia/Procrastination - Volunteers Wanted

by mr-hire1 min read15th Jul 201910 comments


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Edit: Cohorts are basically full for now, will let people know if spaces open up.

I've got some new material I'm working on a related to overcoming procrastination and akrasia. It breaks down the skill of focus/willpower into seven "mental habits" that when stacked, are what you need to overcome procrastination. I wrote a bit more about what the habits are on my Shortform Feed.

I'd love to test teaching the material with a few cohorts before I finalize it into a course. The commitment would be 30 minutes a day for 7 days, free for the first few cohorts. The sessions are about 1/3 teaching, 2/3 practice of the skills. If anyone here is interested let me know.