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What are sensible ways to screen event participants to reduce COVID-19 risk?

by ChristianKl1 min read3rd Mar 20209 comments



This Sunday I'm co-hosting a SlateStarCodex meetup in Berlin. There currently seem to be a handful of cases in Berlin, so I'm wanting to take reasonable precautions.

I don't think canceling the event is reasonable at this point in time. At the same time I do want to have a policy of keeping potentially ill people away.

I have ordered a contactless thermometer. Most were sold out at Amazon.de, so if you want to hold any events in the coming months, now might be the last time to order. I also got normal mouth thermometers.

But I don't know about what values would be good cutoffs for fever testing.

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2 Answers

Why not just tell people “please don’t come if you’re sick?”

As for cutoffs, just look up max healthy forehead temperature, maybe 37.5. More important is to have prominently available hand sanitizer pumps and encourage people to use it before and after the event, and remind them not to touch their faces.