This was a triumph
I'm making a note here, huge success

No, seriously, it was awful. I deleted my blog of 1,557 posts. I wanted to protect my privacy, but I ended up with articles about me in New Yorker, Reason, and The Daily Beast. I wanted to protect my anonymity, but I Streisand-Effected myself, and a bunch of trolls went around posting my real name everywhere they could find. I wanted to avoid losing my day job, but ended up quitting so they wouldn't be affected by the fallout. I lost a five-digit sum in advertising and Patreon fees. I accidentally sent about three hundred emails to each of five thousand people in the process of trying to put my blog back up.

I had, not to mince words about it, a really weird year.

The first post on Scott Alexander's new blog on Substack, Astral Codex Ten.

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Good news : slate star codex is up again.
Bad news : I've been singing "still alive" since this morning and it's driving me crazy.

This is a good post even compared to Scott Alexander's typical post.

That's some great news !

Does Scott's contract with Substack prevent automatic cross-posting here? I really do loathe Substack as a UI.

We never had automatic crossposting with SlateStarCodex, so it's not trival to say that we should have it now with the new website. 

Interesting. I didn't realize that (wasn't active on LW at the time). Is Scott not interested in cross posting?

Some of Scotts posts draw a lot of political discussion and there are concerns to what extend it's good to have those posts on LessWrong. 

The decision to import posts was made on a case by case basis, I'm not sure whether by Scott or someone else. 

Made by Scott. We gave him a tag he could apply to posts that would automatically cause that post to crosspost. Good chance we will set up something similar for the new blog (if possible).

Inoreader lets me subscribe to the feed (URL https://astralcodexten.substack.com/feed/, which looks like standard RSS to me), so it doesn't seem that Substack is intentionally limiting access to their site.