Edinburgh LW Meetup Saturday April 16th

by sark1 min read6th Apr 201116 comments


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According to statistics, Edinburgh has a reasonable number of LW readers. Currently no Edinburgh meetups exist for Less Wrong so we might as well arbitrarily set one in the near future and see if it could work out (if there are enough people who are interested in a meetup here).

Date/time: Saturday 16th of April at 2:00pm.

Place: A pub called the Auld Hoose.

I would be holding a sign with "Less Wrong" written on it.

EDIT: definite time/place.

EDIT2: moved to main site (and changed article author :p)

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I posted this originally in the discussion section but deleted it since JGWeissman suggested that the meetup post be in the front page. Sark reposted this since I haven't been posting almost anything on LW, I didn't have enough karma to put the post on the front page.

To reiterate, I will be there and sark will almost certainly be there.

I might come, though there's a conflicting Starcraft 2 tournament...

[Edit] But since I failed to qualify in a satelite tournament, I shall attend the LW meeting.

I'm sorry for your loss. But I'm happy you'll attend.

I will be there.

See you there!

I will attend.

See you there!

I'll be in Nottingham that day. Oh well, have fun :-)

There's a good chance I'll be in Edinburgh on this weekend. If so, I'll try to drop by if other commitments don't get in the way (I'm usually based in London).

Cool. Hope to see you there!

A heads-up: if you have a meetup in the first few days of June, I'll be in Edinburgh then (there's a math conference starting on 6/6, but I'll be arriving about a week early). That would be pretty neat.

So did you guys meet? How was it?

- Former Edinburgh resident Paul

Yeah we did meet. A bit of a coordination failure in following up on it here, but anyway (and this is of general interest):

  • The meetup seemed to go well; discussed magic tricks, decision theory, psychology, etc.
  • We should be holding another one in the near-future (hopefully next week's saturday), though not sure what would be the best to arrange it at this point (due to lack of communication afterwards). Maybe we'll just make a new meetup post like this one..
  • Instead of a mailing list (for now), we created a Facebook group - though it remains to be seen if it'll be useful or not.

You mean Saturday 30th? Cool!

I plan to be there. Looking forward to meeting you.

[Edit] Sorry guys, not going to make it after all. Next time...

I'll be there.