Which of these five AI alignment research projects ideas are no good?

by rmoehn 1 min read8th Aug 201913 comments


I'll post five AI alignment research project ideas as comments. It would be great if you could approval-vote on them by using upvotes. Ie. when you think the project idea isn't good, you leave the comment as is; otherwise you give it a single upvote.

The project ideas follow this format (cf. The Craft of Research):

I'm studying <topic>,
    because I want to <question that guides the search>,
        in order to help my reader understand <more significant
        question that would be informed by an answer to the
        previous question>.

The project ideas are fixed-width in order to preserve the indentation. If they get formatted strangely, you might be able to fix it by increasing the width of your browser window or zooming out.