Rationality Cardinality is a humorous card game, built out of rationality concepts and vocabulary and designed to teach them. I have recently finished an online-game implementation, which can be embedded into gather.town worlds. Try it out by joining the Rationality Cardinality gather.town server! It helps to have other people to play with, so I suggest  Saturday May 1, 11am PST as a Schelling meetup time.

Rationality Cardinality is a two-for one combined bet on dick jokes and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Sapir-Whorf is the hypothesis that many people are bottlenecked on what thoughts they can think, on having vocabulary for the relevant concepts. I've been curating a set of cards (concepts, explanations, and jokes) over the years, and I'm quite proud of it. (Except for the cards about concepts that fell to the replication crisis, of course.)

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(Except for the cards about concepts that fell to the replication crisis, of course.)

Do we have a list of those somewhere? I need to learn what to unlearn.

"Please give me an anki deck of concepts to unlearn."

(Can't tell if this is a good idea or not, but it sounded funny.)

If you're using search to figure out if someone made "cards against humanity" for rationality, this post is what you're looking for (just helping your SEO :P)

Excellent! Is there (or will there be) a physical version of this? If no, would you give permission to others to create one?

I can imagine many more situations where I'd like to plan this in real life than online.

I messaged Jim on a different platform and he promptly replied:

You can get a zipfile of card images from https://carddb.rationalitycardinality.com/card/export/images

Woot! I haven't done this before but my plan is to order cheap, fast card sleeves from amazon, and also cheap playing cards, regular-print the card images, and do sleeve <- card-image on top of playing-card (for backing)

There's also this currently-defunct link to buy a nicer print version than that, maybe the link will be fixed when you read this, idk: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/rationality-cardinality-beta-6