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What happened to Leverage Research?

by ChristianKl 1 min read2nd Sep 20196 comments


At LWCW I heard rumors that Leverage Research stopped existing. What happened? Does anybody have the backstory?

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As I understand it Leverage used to be 20-50 people, and now is ~5 people with all the other people splitting off into separate groups (Paradigm Academy, Reserve, independent etc) and while I think the groups are mostly still friendly toward each other, their independence has increased substantially (e.g. no longer all live together in Oakland).

Not sure if it was funding related (from looking at their website and googling I think Reserve has made ~$4million so far which is not enough to pay the bills for 20-50 staff for more than a year at most, and BERI was generally only funding them in the $25k and $50k range) or internal friction or something that was planned a long time in advance. But that's only public info, I don't know their private funding situation.