AI risk-related improvements to the LW wiki

by Kaj_Sotala 2 min read7th Nov 201210 comments


Back in May, Luke suggested the creation of a scholarly AI risk wiki, which was to include a large set of summary articles on topics related to AI risk, mapped out in terms of how they related to the central debates about AI risk. In response, Wei Dai suggested that among other things, the existing Less Wrong wiki could be improved instead. As a result, the Singularity Institute has massively improved the LW wiki, in preparation for a more ambitious scholarly AI risk wiki. The outcome was the creation or dramatic expansion of the following articles:

In managing the project, I focused on content over presentation, so a number of articles still have minor issues such as the grammar and style having room for improvement. It's our hope that, with the largest part of the work already done, the LW community will help improve the articles even further.

Thanks to everyone who worked on these pages: Alex Altair, Adam Bales, Caleb Bell, Costanza Riccioli, Daniel Trenor, João Lourenço, Joshua Fox, Patrick Rhodes, Pedro Chaves, Stuart Armstrong, and Steven Kaas.