Eliezer Yudkowsky and Michael Vassar are going to be speaking at NYU this Thursday, March 3rd, on the subject of SIAI and rationality.  Any readers in the NYC area are encouraged to attend.


6-8 PM
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 220
40 Washington Square South

Food and drink will be provided.  There will be a small reception at a nearby bar at the conclusion of the talk as well.

Even if you don't live here yourself, you can still show support by inviting anyone you know in the NYC area via the Facebook event.

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Did somebody film it and put it online, at least?

It hasn't happened yet, but I guess I can look into bringing a camcorder with me or something.

Unfortunately, I made a very stupid reading error and thought it was beginning at 8 PM, not ending - my travel plan worked perfectly to get me there at 6:40 PM, but not at 6 PM. (I have internalized the planning fallacy, but even extra margins of safety sometimes aren't enough.)

I sincerely hope my little comment didn't discourage anyone else from recording it.

Any information on how much this overlaps with Yudkowsky's lecture at Yeshiva University or what each will cover? (A roundtrip to NYC is $20 on the LIRR for me, excluding any subway fare, so you'll understand why I wouldn't want to go in twice for the same stuff.)

If you only go to one, I'd guess you should go to the NYU one.

Where and when is the Yeshiva lecture? I doubt I can make the NYU talk.

Too late, unfortunately; it was today at 8:30.

Hi, I don't have a facebook account. Do I have to RSVP to attend this event or can I just show up? (Well, I know I can just show up, but will I be let in if I just show up). Thanks for your reply.

I would be extremely surprised if one would not be let in, especially given that there is no mention of any RSVPing or entrance fee.

In fact, I would give it less than 5% that one could show up on time and not be let in; so if you are worried we can make a mutually beneficial bet - I'll give you 20:1 odds that we'll be let in. If I'm right, you lose $5, but get a lecture you might not otherwise have tried to go to; and if I'm wrong, you are consoled for the loss of the lecture with $100.

haha...i like your style, but I live literally two blocks away, so if i go and don't get let in it would be the same distance as walking to the grocery store...no harm, no foul...but how about you give me 50:1 on $100 and I will show up with a shirt that reads "I am literally going to murder Eliezer Yudkowsky and Michael Vassar if you let me into this event" in big bold letters....would you take that bet?

Recording the first instance of a downvote being used to mean "I disapprove of your counterfactual shirt".

Killing humans is bad, because human life is sacred (in a non-offensive secular sense).

I wouldn't; I'd give you with that t-shirt somewhere between 20-60% chance of rejection. (I'd need to think about it more before I nailed it down any further.)

I'm just joking around, i wouldn't expect you to take that bet anyway. I should have put a " :) " after "would you take that bet?" I'll be there tonight and I'm sure there will be no problems.

I'll be there tonight and I'm sure there will be no problems.

Well, now I feel led on:

Do I have to RSVP to attend this event or can I just show up?


Nope. It was this comment of yours that helped convinced me there would be a good chance there are no problems.

"I would be extremely surprised if one would not be let in, especially given that there is no mention of any RSVPing or entrance fee."

I'm curious: do you mean to imply that whoever is in a position to not let you in (assuming for the sake of argument that someone is) ought to consider that shirt evidence that it's dangerous to do so? Or merely that you consider it (somewhat) likely that they will?

The latter I can see, but I'd be interested in your reasons for the former.

And good gravy people. Did you not see my comment about the smiley face. Of course I am joking around. I haven never commented here except to ask a simple question (I usually read overcomingbias more than lesswrong, but I have always wanted to see Eliezer speak) which was graciously answered by gwern. Then I thought I was having a bit of a joke dialogue with him. And I get voted at -2? That's just...well...odd. But no worries.

As far as answering TheOtherDave about the shirt. The person who will decide to let me in or not is probably just an underpaid NYU security guard that could really care less about who attends a speech about the singularity. If he was on a power trip that night, he'd probably not let me in. If he was distracted he probably wouldn't even notice the shirt. But either way, again, I repeat, this was a joke. I am a retired 10 year high frequency statistical trader. I make real bets with my colleagues all the time. I also am quite comfortable and acquainted with making counter bets to people's bets -- especially in a joking matter. You should see some of the stuff that goes on at the trading floor. Obviously I either am not as funny as I think or I need to slather my comments with multiple smiley faces to ensure y'ou all know I am joking. Anyway, like I said, I am looking forward to attending and if anybody wants to talk about this (inane) thread further in person if you attend, let me know! I'd love to meet some of you face to face.

Well, I was amused.

I liked your joke. A lot.

Is there video?

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