NYC Rationalist Community

byCosmos9y29th Mar 201020 comments


For those who don't yet know, there has been a thriving rationalist community in NYC since April 2009.  We've been holding weekly meetups for the past several months now, and often have game nights, focused discussions, etc.  For those of you who live in the area, and not yet involved, I highly encourage you to join the following two groups:

This Meetup group is our public face, which draws new members to the meetups.

This Google Group was our original method of coordination, and we still use it for private communication.

The reason I am posting this is because there has been interest by several members in sharing an apartment/loft, or even multiple apartments on a floor of a building if there are enough people.  The core interest group is going to be meeting soon to figure out the logistics, so I wanted to extend this opportunity to any aspiring rationalists who either currently or would like to live in NYC.  If you are interested, please join the Google Group and let us know, so that we can include you in the planning process.  Additionally, if anyone has experience living with other rationalists, or more generally in a community setting, please feel free to share your knowledge with us so we can avoid any common pitfalls.