Complexity of Value

Complexity of Value refers to the vast diversity of different things that humans value. If value is also fragile, a future that lacks any one of those things might be almost completely worthless.

Philosopher William Frankenna created a non-comprehensive list of things that humans value intrinsically:

Life, consciousness, and activity; health and strength; pleasures and satisfactions of all or certain kinds; happiness, beatitude, contentment, etc.; truth; knowledge and true opinions of various kinds, understanding, wisdom; beauty, harmony, proportion in objects contemplated; aesthetic experience; morally good dispositions or virtues; mutual affection, love, friendship, cooperation; just distribution of goods and evils; harmony and proportion in one's own life; power and experiences of achievement; self-expression; freedom; peace, security; adventure and novelty; and good reputation, honor, esteem, etc.

The "etc." at the end is the tricky part, because there may be a great many values not included on this list.(Read More)

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