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Yeah, I fully agree with this, and am aware of the cost. Apologies once more for not jumping in sooner when I wasn't sure whether applicants had been emailed by my colleague or not.

This workshop will be postponed to January, likely to 6–9 Jan. GradientDissenter was planning to give an update to all applicants; I hope they will do so soon. I understand that some of you may have made their plans hoping to be able to participate in the workshop or were otherwise hoping for a fast response, and I apologize for completely missing the deadline, the lack of communication, and the change of plans.

(Why did this happen? Evaluating applications ended up being harder than anticipated, and I failed to jump in and fix things when the workshop planning wasn't progressing as planned, partly because I was on vacation.)

We might if it goes well. If you want to be pinged if we run one, please submit a quick application through our form!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve edited the post to clarify where the funding is coming from and who is running this.

Regarding the content, one of my co-organizers may leave another comment later. The short version is that we’ll be re-running some of the most popular content from previous workshops, but primarily focus on informal conversations, as participants usually rate that as much more useful than the actual content of the workshop.

It's funded by the Atlas Fellowship, which is funded by Open Philanthropy. It's something of a side-hustle of Atlas (outside of the scope and brand of the organization, and run by a subset of our team and some external collaborators). We have a fair amount of experience running different kinds of workshops, and are experimenting with what programs targeted at other demographic and niches might look like.

Thanks for the feedback! Added to the OP.

"Career networking" feels like it encompasses some useful stuff, like hearing about new opportunities, meeting potential co-founders, etc.

It also sounds like it encompasses some bad stuff, like a race to get the most connections and impressing people.

We're going to try and have some of the useful kind of career networking, and to push hard against the strong pressures towards the bad kind of career networking.

There also aren't that many careers out there just waiting for an employee to come slot into a well-defined role that actually makes progress on preventing x-risk or similar, so we're much more excited about helping people carve out their own path, not in connecting them to to employers running hiring rounds.

Is there going to be a digital option?

Unfortunately we're not going to be able to accommodate that. It's fully in-person, since a large part of the point is in-person interactions.

Would be very excited to get applications to the EA Infrastructure Fund (EAIF)! Apply here, it's fast and easy.

(I run EA Funds, which includes EAIF.)

I largely agree with Habryka's perspective. I personally (not speaking on behalf of the EA Infrastructure Fund) would be particularly interested in such a grant if you had a track record of successful writing, as this would make it more likely you'd actually reach a large audience. E.g., Eliezer did not just write HPMoR but was a successful blogger on Overcoming Bias and wrote the sequences.

Yeah, that seems very plausible for frugal people who don't pay much rent, don't eat out that often, etc. and updates me against Berlin

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