(I hope it’s acceptable to post this in the Meta section; if not, the mods can move it to my personal blog.)

GreaterWrong.com (which is an alternative way to browse the new LessWrong) has been adding some new features and enhancements—here’s some of the stuff we’ve got now:

  • Appearance customization (click the “sliders” button on the top-left)
    • Images in posts are now properly excluded from changes to brightness / contrast / inversion / etc.
  • Adjustable text size (look on the top right, just under the content width selector buttons)
    • Note: This doesn’t work in Firefox, unfortunately.
  • Most functions / buttons / etc. now have accesskeys, letting you do a lot of navigation (and other things) via the keyboard
  • Pagination links at the top of all listings pages (next page, previous page, etc.)
  • Improved mobile layout (especially for the post/comment editing UI)
  • An updated About page with detailed info on many of GreaterWrong’s features

As always, please let us know if you’re having any problems with the site, bugs, etc. (If you do report bugs or problems, please include your browser, version, and operating system!)

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This is appropriate and great.

It seems the "all" page has no indication of whether a post is frontpage/featured/user blog, and doesn't include meta posts. Would you be open to adding those? I think those would cause me to switch, I really like GW in general.

(Though I do also like the reading times given on LW.com, and the read/unread status indication.)

We do indeed plan to add icons that indicate whether a post is frontpage/featured/personal-blog, yes—it’s on the to-do list!

As for including Meta posts in “All” view—that’s a good point. I had thought that LW didn’t include Meta in Daily, but I see that’s not true (or no longer true)? We’d like to mirror the organization of Less Wrong, in this regard… LW admins, could you comment on this? I’m not sure I quite get how the LW frontpage is currently organized (there’ve been changes recently, haven’t there?)—what’s the intended structure?