Is the karma shown that accumulated from posts and comments that were made within the past 30 days, or from all votes on all posts within the past 30 days, regardless of the age of the post or comment?

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Ack! Loss aversion adding to the addiction potential.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised to find that I feel a degree of reward at noticing my score drop. It indicates a reduction in internet time which has something of a causal relationship with productivity. I think I'll encourage that framing!

I want to upvote you for this, but ...

Don't worry, another (net) vote must have passed out of scope. Stable at 275 still. ;)


This was my reaction as well. Perhaps there can be an option to hide it?

Since Yudkowsky's 30-day Karma is currently 6055, and he hasn't posted that much over the last month, the answer must be "all votes on all posts within the past 30 days, regardless of the age of the post or comment".

This doesn't look that useful, I think it should only count votes on recent posts/comments. Also, this measure, if amended this way, looks informative enough to allow an option of viewing a longer list of active contributors, which could be linked to from caption of the sidebar section, like with "recent posts".

I think this is sensible. I've changed the code to only include articles and comments from the last 30 days. (The side box may not update immediately as your browser is likely to do some caching.)

Thank you again. Karma Delta is a very neat new feature to play with, and it's making me smile to see the new "Top Contributors, 30 Days" :)

This would be so much more useful if it were based more heavily on comments. Right now, it's just "people who made a popular top-level post in the last month", which is information you can easily find by just scanning the front page.

Even though I'm the one who originally suggested weighting top-post karma more than comment karma, I've felt that 10 karma per vote for a top-level is a bit too much. Five karma would seem more appropriate, weighting top-level posts more but also giving a more realistic option to climb in ratings via comment karma alone.

I wonder if a "top 100 contributors" page, with both all-time and 30 day options, would be a good or bad idea. It might more effectively encourage participation, but also make people more addicted and possibly cause undesirable status dynamics.


However "all votes on all posts within the past 30 days, regardless of the age of the post or comment" would make it easier to realize when someone has been abusing the system for retaliation.

What algorithm would you suggest? Perhaps 'karma from posts or comments that were originally CREATED within the last 30 days'?

Yes, obviously. (For posts, it should be publication time, don't know if both creation and publication time are stored.)

Okay. I've communicated this to TrikeApps.

...and it now appears to have been implemented!

Agreed. The "Top Contributors, 30 Days:" would definitely make a lot more sense if it was based on your suggested "karma from recent posts/comments" instead - right now it overlaps with the "all time" list except for gwern.

I definitely agree with this part. (Even if it means I can expect to spend less time in the 30 days top!)

Yay for the new feature. I like it a lot. Thank you to whichever coder did this :)

My 30-day karma is higher than my overall karma, and I can't find anything in my post/comment history that's at negative points. Bug, or does the 30-day feature count all upvotes instead of net karma?

Total Karma cares where a post was when it was voted on. 30 days Karma cares where a post is now. Do you have a MAIN post that was in DISCUSSION when it received some of its upvotes?

Yes, I do. That must be it; thanks!

It doesn't just count upvotes, as roland currently has negative Karma delta. You were probably downvoted more than 30 days ago (on comments that were since upvoted to positive total), and these downvotes are not counted in the 30-days sum, but count in the total. But this does look suspicious.

Right, but I haven't gained all my upvotes in the last 30 days, either. (The current scores would seem to imply that my net was -10 for the time before this month; I don't think that could possibly be accurate)

Minor nitpick: the minus sign in negative Karma delta is hard to notice. Perhaps make it more prominent, or use a shade of red in the bubble.

Where is Karma delta?


Right under the regular total user karma indicator.

Also for people who don't have a science background and might not understand the question, an upper case delta ( Δ ) can be used to indicate change of a quantity. So delta karma is change of karma (in this case change of karma for posts made in the last 30 days).

Ok, something must have changed. I just went from 580 to 281. Looks like Eliezer dropped to 500 from 6k too.

(By the way, if I'm not mistaken, my Karma dropped exactly 100 points the moment this change rolled out. Possibly a symptom of some counting bug in the new (or old) version?)

Strange. The calculation for total Karma has not been touched by these recent changes.