Advice request: Homeownership

by AdeleneDawner 1 min read27th May 201122 comments


So I'm probably about two months from owning a home. (Realtor says we might close within a month; experienced friend says 3-6 weeks; I'll be vaguely surprised if it's not done by August.)

This is exciting, and also more than a little daunting. My near-mode brainbits don't know quite what to make of it; this is my first time owning anything on nearly this scope (I don't drive, so I've never owned a car), and also my first time taking on any large amount of debt. It's pretty obviously a good thing overall - my mortgage payment should be not much more than half of what I've been paying for my apartment, and I'll be in an area that's better by several relevant measurements, and I'll have more space and more freedom - but it's still a rather large change.

So, on behalf of those near-mode brainbits, which are mostly going aaaaaaaaah what have you gotten us into, I'd like to request any advice that you might have for a soon-to-be new homeowner.

(More information is available, but I'm not even sure what's important enough about the situation to mention.)