Dario Amodei leaves OpenAI

by Daniel Kokotajlo1 min read29th Dec 20205 comments


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This is a linkpost for https://openai.com/blog/organizational-update/

“We are incredibly thankful to Dario for his contributions over the past four and a half years. We wish him and his co-founders all the best in their new project, and we look forward to a collaborative relationship with them for years to come,” said OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman.

Anyone know what the new project is?

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It's not just Dario, it's a larger subset of OpenAI splitting off: "He and a handful of OpenAI colleagues are planning a new project, which they tell us will probably focus less on product development and more on research. We support their move and we’re grateful for the time we’ve spent working together."

Interested to know if Paul's team and Chris Olah's team and Jan Leike's team/project are moving with.

Jack Clark and Chris Olah announced on Twitter that they're also leaving

This, and the fact that Chris Olah and Jack Clark are also leaving, makes me update towards OpenAI having more of a negative impact on AI risk. My biggest uncertainty for this update depend on what happens with Christiano and his team.