[Poll] Method of Recruitment

by [anonymous] 1 min read6th Feb 201293 comments


In another thread, we have been discussing how people (especially female people) have come to find out about LessWrong. Instead of just guessing, I figured I would make a poll.

I remember in recent history there was a thread on the subject, but the answers were mainly "I got here from HPMoR" or "I've been here since OB". However, the question I want answered is:

How did you find HPMoR or OB in the first place?

Were you referred by a friend? Were you searching the internet for keywords like "rationality"? Were you linked from some other site you read?

Please answer! Even if you are a lurker; ESPECIALLY if you are a female reader! (There is a question where you can say you are a lurker, if you like!)


Click here to take the poll!



ETA- female *reader* and female *people*