Should I sign up for cryonics ASAP?

Background: 23 y/o male in NYC. No known pre-existing health conditions. Mild → moderate interest in cryonics; in a world without ncov, etc. would probably have a 30-60% chance of signing up.

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2 Answers

Unfortunately, a COVID-19 pandemic presents a lot of challenges to successful cryopreservation, and my guess is that, if you die of COVID-19 during the pandemic, the odds of successful cryopreservation are very low.

(However, it is good and worth it to be signed up for cryonics after the pandemic.)

Infected patients can't travel, so they won't be able to go to a cryonics provider's facility. Cryonics technicians are unlikely to be willing or able to travel into a hard-hit epidemic area at all; even worse, in order to arrive in time, they would have to depart while the patient's odds of survival are still high. Hospitals in a crisis are unlikely to cooperate. The cryopreservation procedure itself poses significant risks for the technician, and the bodies of preserved coronavirus patients are themselves a biohazard.

You say you would "probably have a 30-60% chance of signing up". I assume that is the probability if you were to think about it more and research it more. Cryonics has been known as an option people procrastinate thinking about for a very long time (and from second-hand anecdotes, often until death). So if you're going to think about it at any time, you might as well think about it now. I'm unsure about the expected preservation quality in a pandemic scenario, but regardless, you might as well use the coronavirus as a motivator to think about it now. The coronavirus has a probability of about 0.2% of killing someone your age, which is about the same amount of risk of normal living for 4 years at your age.

I'm personally signed up for cryonics, but I don't necessarily think everyone my age should sign up for cryonics. I've helped multiple people decide whether to sign up, as well as going through the sign up process. I'm happy to help anyone on a donation-basis. You can email me at