I created this word cloud based on http://lesswrong.com/promoted/.rss.

The words "Rational" and "Rationality" might trigger negative stereotypes for some people, but this image is positive and inspiring. I'm glad to see we are promoting top level posts on these issues and thought you would be too.

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Am I just failing to find it, or is "evidence" conspicuously missing?

This is super cool and might fly on the front page.

I would also like to see word clouds for other sets: Harry Potter and, the Hanson-Yudkowsky FOOM debate sequence, &c. Perhaps I will make a couple and post them here.

Here is one of chapters 10-15 of Methods of Rationality.

Far right dead center: "Olivola"


Search says it has to be from a citation here, which clarifies very little.

I saw that; it seems to be a single citation. Why would that particular author be emphasized in the cloud above the many many others? Weird.


I'm somewhat surprised that there isn't a giant 'akrasia' in the middle of all that, but oh well.

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Is there a way to disable vertical words? It unfairly de-emphasizes half of the cloud.

Yes, that's one of the layout options on the Wordle website.

This is very pretty. Seconded on the idea that this might fly on the front page.

What tool was used to make this? You should try it with more promoted articles. The feed in the link contains the last 24 ( http://www.google.com/reader/public/atom/feed/http://lesswrong.com/promoted/.rss?n=24 )

"Singularity people money happiness".... oh dear!

(No hiding the "agenda" there!)


In all seriousness, however, the image is not an unpleasant one.

huh. Seems like not much change.

I tried it with 500 too, and its pretty much the same.


It looks a lot like wordle.

Speaking of money, money money money money.

Thanks very much for making this; I agree that the the image is positive and inspiring.

Rationalists here are not so cold-hearted after all. ;-)

It mostly just reflects that 2 out of the last 3 posts happened to be about philanthropy, though, right?

Well, when that ceases to be the case at least "money" won't be so big.