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How much money would you pay to get access to video footage of your surroundings for a year of your choice (in the past)?

by Mati_Roy1 min read5th May 202013 comments


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Probably at least $50k, I'd have to think about it more.

(It would take a fair bit of work to gather the money, but it'd probably be worth it is what I'm saying.)

Would be very valuable to rewatch formative situations, show different parts to advisors and people I trust to give me good advice, and build a better self-model. Generally watching myself from the outside and building a better model of me in the third person seems valuable, I rarely get to use the intuitions I apply to everyone else on myself, especially in naturalistic situations where I don't realise I'm being recorded.

Edit: Oh, this is for cryonics? No, I probably wouldn't pay for that, but that's correlated with me not having signed up for cryonics.

No, not for cryonics. I wish I could remove the tag. A better tag would be lifelogging. The question stands on its own / no context needed.

3habryka9moYou can remove tags by downvoting their relevance below 1.
1Mati_Roy9mo:o great!

~$500, even if for sentimental value and not for cryonics-related reasons.

Zero. Or am I misunderstanding the question? Unless I had a major mystery about my life, what would I learn from a video of some past year of it?


Outside perspective. (Form during exercise, to see how you've changed or improved...)

If you lose pictures of someone who is dead.

Considering some information all at once rather than in pieces.

If there was something you forgot how to do. (Or if you accidentally deleted something important.*)

Looking at a timelapse video might be cool.

To tell if you've gotten taller, faster, etc.

*Or if you read a really good book (a long time ago), but can't remember it's name - though you remember when you read it.

I think about 8500 USD_2020

Too expensive. I used to constantly run videorecording on my computer at 100 MB-hour low quality. It is like 300 GB a year, and the main price is storage.

3Mati_Roy9moit's not the price I pay to be clear, it's the maximum price I would pay. in reality, I can get this for cheaper, and obtain a large consumer surplus.
3ChristianKl9moVideo recording of time spent on the computer is a lot less valuable then videorecording of time outside one's home. For legal and social reasons it's not possible to record everything around oneself in most jurisdictions. At the same time it's still sensible to quote a number for the value that's provided and that might be $8500 for someone.

None thanks, I'm good. :)

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If you answered more then ~500$, check out: How I audio-video record my life