From Dinosaur Comics, with a nice shout-out to Eliezer's Timeless Physics post! (Look in the newspost below the comic.)

I can't wait until Ryan North gets around to Newcomb's Problem...

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Hamlet Henna: Cats and Kittens, I wrote a summary of the TDT free will position on reddit in the comment section of a Dinosaur Comics post.


Dromiceiomimus: That seems highly unlikely, HamletHenna! You don't even know if Mr. North reads comments on reddit posts of his comics, much less whether he did that and followed your link and made it four levels deep in the LW link tree to the timeless physics writeup.

HamletHenna: But that was sixteen days ago! The timeline fits so nicely!

Utahraptor: Insubstantial, HamletHenna! A headache might nicely be explained by an aneurysm, but aneurysms are rare and headaches are common. You, my friend, have fallen yet again for the representativeness heuristic.

HamletHenna: Aw shucks, not again.

HamletHenna: Dear Journal, probability theory is a JERK.

Oh, oh, stories about maybe possibly influencing Ryan North?! Well, I accidentally sent him an email saying:

i'm violating the understood limits of our friendship riiiiiiiiight... now

Sent from my iPwn

Gee, iPwn, way to make me look TOTALLY LAME.

Link to your reddit post?

(Overt glee saved for comments)

Two of my favorite things on the Internet just became connected. Is this awesome (Y/Y)?


That's right, friend! Now there just has to be a LW/Desden Codak filk RPG and my life will be complete! OH WAIT


Hopefully means some DC readers will stick around on LW

Um, where is there a shout-out to Eliezer's post? This sort of philosophical question has been around well before Eliezer's post and I see no direct reference to that post. Martin Gardner had a column many years ago discussing the same sort of issues. It is a mistake to think that something is referencing something else simply because you saw the idea in that other location.

It's in the text under the comic.

Oh, huh. So it is. I should update my priors on how likely it is that a given nerd thing on the internet will be impacted by or inspired by Less Wrong. Apparently they are much too low.

Is it still your prior once you've updated it?