Not all of us live near big cities. I know of only one Less Wronger in the Grand Rapids, MI area apart from myself, and the nearest existing meetup is in Madison, WI, across Lake Michigan. I'd like to go to a Less Wrong meetup with more than just a couple of people, but I don't want to have to drive six hours each way.

I have tried Google+'s "Hangouts" feature, and it's really quite nice. It's a many-way video chat system, so it goes without saying that if you've tried video chat before, Hangouts will be quite similar. It also lets you play YouTube videos in synchrony. In short, if you like sitting on the couch with people watching TV, Hangouts are perfect for you.

So, I propose having a meetup on Google+ on Saturday, August 27, at 5:00 PM EDT (21:00 UTC). The date and time can be changed, of course, but I don't want to commit to anything on the 20th. Search for my name (Tanner Swett) at that time, and hopefully you'll see a hangout listed. I will try to be around for at least an hour.

Naturally, ideas for stuff to do would be appreciated. Perhaps we could watch some TED talks, or chat about a specific subject, or play some game. I don't really have much hanging-out experience to go on here.

Any thoughts? Should we meet at a different time? What should we do?

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Slightly concerned about it being a Youtube Party, but it sounds like a good idea regardless.

How many people can G+ hangouts handle? (Before either computers start chugging or it just becomes unwieldy?)

G+ has a limit of 10 people, if more than that show it can just split into 2 groups.

Probably won't be able to attend Hangouts for a while, but if anyone wants to add me.


Your pretty prolific with the public stuff, but its mostly interesting so I don't mind having you clogging up my stream. :)

As a Saint Petersburg, FL-dweller, I approve of this idea. As a guy who can only visit his girlfriend on the weekends, I probably won't be there.


Hey, I'm in Orlando.

Neato. Someone from the Space Coast said hello a few months ago, but you might make a better midpoint if we ever did a Central FL meetup. If your interests lie in the general geekcluster, perhaps we could combine meets with the many nerd culture events that happen in Orlando, like Nerdapalooza (11 months away) or the Skill Focus Burlesque troupe (which has a "Sci Fi Sirens" show on the 20th).


I think combining with other nerd culture events is a good idea. Not sure a burlesque show is the best option. My husband is pretty chill, but "Hey I'm going to go look at burlesque with some guy/s from the internet" is probably pushing things, and I don't want to drag him along against his will either. :)

Well, if he'd pass on a burlesque show with Commander Shepard doffing her N7 armor, I don't have a very detailed model of his mind; so I'll trust your judgement. I'll post something before next year's Nerdapalooza, but if you notice anything suitable before then, let Jolly and jleirer and me know.


burlesque show with Commander Shepard doffing her N7 armor,



I'm in Tallahassee. Not much Less Wrong over here.


Is there a time that both you and Swimmy could make, in case we feel like having a second alternate hangout time?

Would one of the attendentants care to give some sort of summary oder comment how it went? I offer a bribe of at least one upvote.

Sorry to be that guy, but what is invitation availability like? Does anyone have any extras? How did you guys get accounts to begin with?

Again I apologize if this comment is inappropriate.

Send me your email address and I'll use it to invite you.

Someone else sent me one but it turns out that I'm too young to join. It looks like the age limit is temporary though, so maybe I'll have more luck in the future. Thanks a ton though.


The thought actually crossed my mind when I first brought up Google+ in the discussion section. But considering how the facebook group seems mostly dead for months, few people where on g+ at that stage and the thread wasn't that visited anyway it felt counter-productive to try and organize anything.

I'm glad this got you a decent response! Hangout is a great feature, this will probably be fun, I hope I can make it to any of these.

I've been meaning to suggest somehting like this, and also don't have enough LWers on G+, so absolutely!

Please everyone add me:

I added you in a "LessWrong" circle.
Add me at


I may not be able to make it to the meeting but I wouldn't mind having a LW circle. I hope all you guys who posted their links don't mind me adding you? If I've added you I should be easy to spot and you are welcome to add me too if you'd like.

I'm at

I make no promises of encircling anyone, but everyone's of course free and welcome to encircle me.

Dang i missed the meeting if anyone wants to add me i'm here

Dang i missed the meeting if anyone wants to add me i'm here

Why would anyone want to add you?

Hint: I'm inviting you to say something like "Hi, I'm an aspiring rationalist from X. I want to meetup with other smart folks and you should want to meetup with me to because I'm awesome." Then I can welcome you to lesswrong and I'll have something to associate to when I see zntneo comments!


I can be added although I worry that, aside from rationality, I won't have much in common with other LessWrongers.

I might not make it to any hangouts, but this post gets an up vote for having a list of LWers on Google+

I'm here if anyone wants to circle me.

I'm not interested in Hangouts--I don't even own a webcam--but am happy to encircle LWers and share interesting stuff:

I can't make that time, but I am up for having an LW circle on G+.

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