Psychology Replication Quiz

by Ben Pace1 min read31st Aug 20189 comments


Replication Crisis

The great guys over at 80,000 Hours made a quiz for that recent replication study (previously discussed on LW), where you can find out if you can predict as well as the scientists or the prediction market. Description:

Can you guess which psychology experiments had correct findings and which were bogus, just from reading a brief description of their results?
Depending on how long you want to play, we'll describe 10, 15 or 21 psychology findings published in Nature and Science, and you'll have to guess whether a replication, with a much larger sample size, got the same result.
Before starting, the people who organised these 21 replications asked expert psychologists to predict which results would hold up. We'll show you how you compare to their performance at the end! (And give you links to all the papers.)