Ruby's Short-Form Feed

byRuby4mo23rd Feb 20192 comments


This is an imitation of Raemon's experiment for short-form content on LW2.0. I'll use the comment section of this post to share relatively short and informal write-ups of ideas of I'm thinking about. Closer to the style I'd adopt for Facebook, but still serious in content.

When writing full-on posts I feel the need to pay a lot of attention to the structure, content, editing, including all supporting material, being rigorous, etc. It feels like there's a quality bar to full-on posts. It would probably be fine to write things which are a little more rough, but it still feels bad to write to a lower level of polish than than the rest of the posts on the Frontpage.

The result is that I don't share many thoughts I think are likely worth sharing [1]. I'm hoping that this feed will offer an affordance for low-friction writing. It might also end up serving a place where I share early drafts which later become refined posts.

A nice name would be: Ruby's Random Ramblings about Rationality. Well, it's a very nice alliteration but a little misleading - probably won't be that random or rambly.

Please don't create top-level comments here, but feel free to reply to comments.

[1] Also sometimes it's nice to share what you're thinking about with others without worrying too much about how valuable is this really?