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by Nanashi1 min read1st Jun 201525 comments


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Some quick background, I am putting together a non-profit whose goal is to provide objective, rational career guidance to high school/college students, with the aim to solve what I see as a pretty big problem in the American educational system: our current career guidance is more focused on how to get a job on your chosen field, rather than what field should you choose in the first place?

Mid-ranged goals involve setting up programs where students can "shadow" people who work in a field they are interested in so that they can see what those types of jobs actually entail. Short-term, the goal is to put together some informational resources that students can use to help guide their decision a little more rationally.

One of these information resources is a database that uses data pulled from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, to tell you 

  1. What range of salaries can you expect in a given career?
  2. What salary you can expect at any given age in a career.
  3. How many jobs are actually out there in any given career?

The beta-version of that database can be found here. First and foremost, I'm hoping that this can be helpful or useful to any of the high-school or college-aged LWers out there. Secondly, I'm looking for feedback as to how I can make the tool more useful. (Obviously the design is incredibly bare-bones). Specifically:
  • Is there any additional information you would find useful when trying to determine a career? 
  • Are there any careers/categories of careers that you can't seem to find on this list?
  • Is any part of this information confusing or poorly explained? 
  • Anything else you can think that might improve this.