Posts I repent of

by Will_Newsome1 min read20th Mar 201218 comments


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  • "Taking Ideas Seriously": Stylistically contemptible, skimpy on any useful details, contributes to norm of pressuring people into double binds that ultimately do more harm than good. I would prefer it if no one linked to or promoted "Taking Ideas Seriously"; superior alternatives include Anna Salamon's "Compartmentalization in epistemic and instrumental rationality", though I don't necessarily endorse that post either.
  • "Virtue Ethics for Consequentialists": Stylistically contemptible, written in ignorance of much of the relevant philosophy and psychology literature, contributes to norm of rewarding people who confidently proselytize on subjects of which they do not possess a deep understanding. Thankfully nobody links to this post.
All of my other posts also sucked but not to the extent that they're worth going out of my way to disavow.