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If I interact with someone with nCov for an hour, how likely am I to get nCov?

by Raemon 1 min read1st Mar 20202 comments


(I'm guessing data is limited here, but a related-related question might be "how likely am I to catch the flu or a few other common diseases by interacting with a victim for an hour?")

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" In Sichuan province, 25,493 contact persons were named, 25,347 (99%) were found, 23,178 have already been examined and 0.9% of them were infected. In the province of Guangdong, 9,939 contacts were named, all found, 7,765 are already examined and 4.8% of them were infected. That means: If you have direct personal contact with an infected person, the probability of infection is between 1% and 5%. "


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