Feature request: personal notes about other users

by [anonymous]1 min read2nd Jan 202114 comments


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Feature use scenario:

  • I hover the mouse pointer over a username
  • The small box that appears (the one that currently shows basic stats: when they joined, how many posts they have written, etc.) contains also a textarea field
  • Whatever I write in that field persists between my logins, until I edit it again (if ever)
  • The contents of that field are only visible to me

Motivation: As I read LW more, I'm starting to attribute expertise in some subjects to some users. And conversely, I'm noticing specific biases in other users. I would like to privately keep note of that, so that I can more precisely trust/distrust what they write in the future.

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Prediction: The two most common notes would be "Note - Not jacobjacob" and "Note - Not Jacobian"

I notice wanting the opposite.  I notice prejudging certain posts based on the user, but want to just look at the content instead.

(I think Marcello made a script for this at some point)

I believe [this](https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/ftbtZy9dBmYC5StQz/lesswrong-v2-0-anti-kibitzer-hides-comment-authors-and-vote) is what you are referring to. I have the same preference as you and I use Marcello's script.

greaterwrong has the anti-kibitzer mode which hides username and karma.

Yeah but I'm a big fan of LW proper's aesthetics.  I always found myself bouncing back when I try GW.

Do you feel that way about all the themes? Ideally I'd like it to have something for everyone.

Yes, I feel this way about all the themes.

Fair enough. Personally I enjoy GW's pragmatic style.

I see both privacy issues (without pretty strong guarantees, at least site admins will be able to see my notes) and personal-bias issues (it's likely to make me over-weight opinions that I put into this field).  I would likely not use it very much, but I don't object to others doing so.  I wonder if keeping a separate notepad or app would get you 80% of the way there.

I also wonder if tagging of users (public, and limited complexity of comment) would be more useful or annoying.

I'd like to use this feature, especially to keep track if I meet a user in the walled garden or IRL but need consistency to remember which user they are. This is a common feature in video games and without it I would have no idea who most of my friends in League of Legends are.

I wouldn't be that worried about privacy for the notes, since I'd expect few of them to contain sensitive information, though they might contain some awkward information.

I would like the ability to mute. 

GreaterWrong has the ability to automatically collapse comments from a given user. I could make it hide posts too if there's a desire for that.

Yes! i like this suggestion, and would probably use the feature if it was implemented. discord has it and i use it, could be quite useful here.