Blog Post Day II Retrospective

by Daniel Kokotajlo1 min read31st Mar 20209 comments



Saturday was Blog Post Day II. It wasn't as good as Blog Post Day. However, I'm still glad I did it.

To my knowledge six people wrote posts for Blog Post Day II. However, only one person (Ben Pace) finished on time and posted on LW. One other person (myself) took an extra two days to post, because I wanted to get feedback from some friends. Interestingly, both Ben and I didn't write the posts we originally intended to write; we gave up on those and switched to our Plan B's instead.

The remaining four people seem to have mostly made good progress, even finishing their posts, but they are either posting elsewhere (I don't know where) or saving up their drafts to post later as part of a sequence.

This is about 75% as much participation as we had last time. I'm thinking I should do these less frequently than every month. I'll do the next one in 2-3 months probably. If you want it to happen sooner, say so! These things exist to serve the public interest, so if you are interested, make it public.