Productivity poll: how frequently do you think you *should* check email?

by tog 1 min read10th Jan 201532 comments


How frequently do you think you *should* check email? You can also say how frequently you do in comments.

Personally I'm sold on thinking you should check it around once a day, not necessarily without fail. That increases focus on both email and non-email, and minimises getting sucked into distractions. But some people I know disagree. Some believe in getting notifications whenever a new email comes in.

For anyone who'd like to check email less often and uses GMail, I recommend using and this full screen compose link:

Edited to add: I'd recommend everyone at least try checking only once a day, at least for a few days, to see if you find it more productive and/or relaxing. That'd be a big enough win to make experimenting worthwhile.