Seeking Collaborator for a Singularity Comic Book

by James_Miller 1 min read5th Dec 201119 comments


I’m currently writing a book called Singularity Rising:  Surviving and Thriving in a Smarter, Richer and More Dangerous World.  The book will be published in about a year by BenBella Books.  This will be my third published book.

I’m thinking about also making a singularity comic book. My agent thinks the idea might work.  Unfortunately my artistic abilities are well in the bottom half of mankind so I'm looking for a collaborator who would do the art.  If you are interested please send samples or links to art you have created here:

If you know of someone who might be appropriate please email me (or leave below) his name, email address and if possible links to his artwork.


You can find out more about me here: