Occupy Wall Street: Predictions, Speculations

by byrnema1 min read19th Oct 201143 comments


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On reddit today I read 'the-Gandhi-quote' on a post about the Wall Street Occupation Protest:

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.."

I'm transitioning, possibly, from the laughing stage and am beginning to feel the tiniest bit excited that perhaps some actual change is in order. On the one hand, I feel sufficiently skeptical about the probability of a 'revolution'. On the other hand, given how fast the world has been changing (the internet, gloablization), maybe change is inevitable and this is the way it happens now.

I know this is a rationality site, not a current affairs site, but when something tweaks my interest I like to know what "Less Wrong" thinks...waiting for a spontaneous post could take forever and finding a 'rationality-spin' would be disingenuous so I'll just ask:

What is possible and what is likely?

What factors are important?