Happy Ada Lovelace Day

by palladias1 min read16th Oct 201265 comments


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Today is Ada Lovelace Day, when STEM enthusiasts highlight the work of modern and historical women scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.  If you run a blog, you may want to participate by posting about a woman in a STEM field whom you admire.  But I'd love to have people share women scientists/mathematicians/authors in the comments that they think we could all stand to read more about. 

  • Women in STEM fields (living or dead, fiction or nonfictional) that you'd like us to know more about (preferably with a little precis and a link
  • Books about women in STEM fields that are awesome
  • Books written by women about STEM subjects that are awesome
  • Studies about sexism (or ways to combat it) in STEM fields (and anywhere else)
  • Practical things you or organizations you're with have done to cut down on careless or intentional sexism. (how did you implement it, how did you measure the effects, etc)