Spaced Repetition literature review prize: And the winner is...

byjsalvatier8y19th Aug 201125 comments


The Spaced Repetition literature review prize for the best new review of the evidence on Spaced Repetition has ended and the judging panel has made its decision. The prize attracted entries from Duke (entry) and Gwern (entry). After reviewing the submissions separately and then discussing them together, the judging panel unanimously judged Gwern's entry to be the best.

With great pleasure, we now award Gwern the prize of $385. 

Anki cards for Gwern's review are available as the shared deck "Gwern Spaced Repetition Lit Review". If you have improvements or alternate decks, post them in the comments.

The three judges, BenLowell, Guy Srinivasan and John Salvatier (me), are Seattle LessWrongers who volunteered to judge the contest. 

We thank Duke and Gwern for their submissions, as well as users randomwalkerAntisuji, Dr_Manhattan, Benquo, Nick_Roy for contributing to the prize fund.