"Should Blackmail Be Legal" Hanson/Zvi Debate (Sun July 26th, 3pm PDT)

by Ben Pace1 min read20th Jul 20209 comments


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This weekend's LessWrong event is a debate! Robin Hanson and Zvi Mowshowitz will be debating blackmail this coming Sunday.

The Zoom link is here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85013937335. (Facebook event.)

We will release a recording and a transcript afterwards. There'll be a Q&A (live on Zoom).

See you there :)


Robin's initial post on the subject is Checkmate on Blackmail.

Zvi's initial post on the subject is Blackmail (epistemic status: surprisingly controversial).

Paul Christiano and Tyler Cowen both wrote posts too, Checkmate on Blackmail? and Why should blackmail be illegal? respectively.

There's also a blackmail tag for various related posts (someone should write a description and add any missing posts).