Personal Benefits from Rationality

by Celer 1 min read12th May 201137 comments


I saw this and realised something:

"Hey, wait, where have I seen other people talk about specific benefits from Rationality?"

And then I realised I hadn't. I look around the site some. Nothing there.

This is a place to fix that. The idea of this page is to post specific things that you personally have found helpful, that you learned from your studies of Bayescraft. This way we can find some that seem to work for a large number of people, so that when new people start to become interested in Rationality we can "make it rain" so that they see the benefits that come with being less wrong.

For commenters:

If someone posted something already that also worked for you, mention that. If every tactic is apparently used by only a single person, then it is harder for us as a community to figure out what we should recommend to tyros. 

List of N Things:


Understanding that my high school history class has more to do with real science than does my Chemistry class let me understand how I should be approaching the problem. History lets you look at what happened and say "Why did this happen" when you view it the right way.

Reading up on cognitive neuroscience taught me that I could use the placebo affect on myself. I have missed one day of school due to illness in my life.

Learning to not propose solutions for a minimum of five minutes, by the clock, has honestly been the most effective thing I have yet learned for personal application at Less Wrong.


May we all share many useful things, for our own benefit and as a place to point tyros towards.