Predicted AI alignment event/meeting calendar

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Update 2020-06-21: Linda Linsefors made the AI Safety Google Calendar. I published How to make a predicted AI alignment event/meeting calendar, in case you want to make your own.

I kept this calendar up-to-date between August 2019 and April 2020. As I've left AI alignment (see also I'm leaving AI alignment – you better stay) and nobody has told me that they want me to keep this calendar up-to-date, I stop keeping it up-to-date.

If you find this calendar useful and would like it to continue to be kept up-to-date, please tell me in the comments or via PM. If you want to contribute to the community by maintaining this calendar, let me know and I'll share my process with you.

I update this every month. If you know of more events, please comment, PM or email me. The same goes for events that I listed, but which won't actually take place.

See also (I won't repeat here what is listed there):

Last updated (search for ‘UPDATED’): 2020-04-18

Next update will be published by: 2020-05-18 – If someone tells me that they find this calendar useful. See also the paragraph at the top.


Many of the events went virtual because of COVID-19.

(Apparently no SafeML workshop at ICLR 2020.)

April, cyberspace workshop Towards Trustworthy ML: Rethinking Security and Privacy for ML at ICLR 2020 (only somewhat related to AIA)

April proposal submission deadline for the AISafety workshop at IJCAI

May, cyberspace research retreat of the AI Safety Camp Toronto – The in-person event is cancelled. The organizers are doing their best putting together a virtual camp.

UPDATED May paper submission deadline for the Third International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety Engineering

UPDATED May, cyberspace Web Technical AI Safety Unconference

May, cyberspace Workshop on Assured Autonomous Systems at the 41st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

June application deadline for the Human-aligned AI Summer School (my guess based on 2019)

July/August, Prague CZE Human-aligned AI Summer School (my guess based on 2018, 2019)

July, Yokohama JPN AISafety workshop at IJCAI 2020

August, Bodega Bay USA MIRI Summer Fellows Program (my guess based on 2019 – There were also MSFPs/AISFPs in 2015-2018.)

September, Lisbon PRT International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety Engineering at SafeComp 2020

October, Prague CZE International Congress for the Governance of AI