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WHEN: 04 January 2014 02:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: 19334 Angling Street, Livonia, MI

Just about six months after the last meetup (which was lots of fun!), please take time out to attend another Detroit/Ann Arbor area Less Wrong meetup. With special visiting guests - Alicorn and Mike Blume!

Meetup will be held at the same house it was in last time. Itinerary is still "snacks and informal discussion". RSVPs still appreciated but not required.

If there are people who can't make it then but can make that Sunday, I will consider changing the date.

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Alas, I'll have to wait until further next year. Which is a shame, because you and Alicorn are two people I've wanted to meet for awhile.

I'll be coming.

My apologies, I won't be able to make it. Work unexpectedly kept me up until 3am, and my body punished me with sleep.

Too bad, we missed you.

Can't make it, sorry. (Not Sunday either.)

As of now, I'm planning on coming.

Anything I should be bringing? (ie, extra chairs, whatever?)

Like last time, I'll bring around six chairs & stools and some "my name is" stickers.

Well, as I said, anything else needed? (more chairs? other stuff?)

I think we're good, as long as some people don't mind sitting on the floor.

Well, I could bring a few extra chairs if wanted. (Although are we even still on for tomorrow given how the roads are? (Admittedly, sunday will probably be worse...))

We're still on for whoever can make it. I was out driving today and roads seemed a little better.

Running a bit late, but still coming, just about to head out.

Cool! In that case, as of now at least, I'm still planning on showing up.

Are you only planning to hold these meetings every six months, or would you increase the frequency if more people started coming?

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