Rationalist prepper thread

by avturchin1 min read28th Jan 202015 comments



There are different estimates of the possible severity of the current coronavirus outbreak. One estimation is based on the straight extrapolation of the exponential growth of the infected people number, which doubles every two days. This implies that the whole population of Earth will be ill in March. Another view takes into account that many mild cases are not included in the stat, so lethality is small and probably not everybody will be ill at all. We just don't know yet.

How we should act personally in this situation?

Firstly, we should act in the way, which should be good if everybody will act in the same way. For example, panic evacuation is not good, as if everybody starts running away, this will only increase the dissemination of the virus. Thus the best approach is home self-isolation, lowering of the outside contacts, wearing protecting gear (mask, goggles, gloves), hand cleaning. UV-lamps may help in the disinfection of things.

It is also good to invest in improving ones’ immune system by health food, vitamins, light therapy, as it is our best protection of the virus. Evacuation into a cold county house would weaken the immune system.

It is probably reasonable to collect one month supply of food, water, and other essentials, as the possible pandemic may affect food manufacturing, and also wholesale buying minimise future need to go outside.