Sydney Less Wrong Meetup (cancelled due to lack of interest)

by syllogism 1 min read3rd Mar 201118 comments


Update: Well this seems to be a bust =/. Maybe people don't check the "new" section, only "promoted", or maybe the site visit statistics are deceptive.

Just saw here that Sydney has the 2nd most LWers of any city without a meet-up. So, let's have a meet-up!

Let's instant-runoff vote on the specifics until Sunday 6th, and I'll update the post with the verdict then:


1. Which date and time of the following work for you? Rank the ones you can attend in preference order

a) Evening of Tuesday, 15th March

b) Evening of Wednesday, 16th March

c) Afternoon of Saturday, 19th March

c) Evening of Saturday, 19th March

e) Afternoon of Sunday, 20th March


2. What kind of setting do you prefer?

a) Bar

b) Restaurant

c) Other (park for picnic, cafe, etc. Please specify)


3. Which area of Sydney is best for you? Rank the ones you could make it to.

a) City/Central 

b) Lower North Shore (e.g. Neutral Bay, North Sydney, etc)

c) Greater West (e.g. Parramatta)

d) Inner West (e.g. Newtown, Enmore). Tempted to suggest the Humanist House in Chippendale, although I don't know what the deal with it is.