Secret Rationality Base in Europe

by [anonymous] 1 min read17th Jun 201633 comments


In short, I'm wondering what place/group/organisation/activity could do for rationality in Europe what Berkeley does for rationality in the US?


Soon, we'll have LWCW in Berlin, which I hope will be an occasion to do some networking among people who think seriously about developing rationality communities. But in the meantime, let's do some brainstorming.


Important note: in comments to this post, please use only consequentialist language. For example, say "If we decided for the base to be on Malta, then X would happen" instead of "I think it should be in Malta, because..."


  • What would happen if the rationality base was located in [insert specific city/country]?

  • What could such a place offer to you now, that would make you consider a temporary/permanent move?

  • What would happen if the European rationality community efforts were centered around some particular research topic (e.g. AI)?

  • Is there something you can think of that would speed up community-building in Europe?

Of course, share anything else that you think is relevant to the topic.

Also, see you all in Berlin :)