What happens if you drink acetone?

by dynomight1 min read14th Sep 20208 comments


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Question: Should you drink acetone?

Answer: No.

But, out of interest, what if you did?

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I wish there was more boggling at simple things like this posted to the internet.

dynomight (OP) -- if you write more of it, I'd probably read it (subscribed to your posts). 

Thank you, I found this slightly amusing.

It's a relief to see that someone is finally speaking the truth about Acetone.

I think you missed the most interesting effect, which is that ingesting it would put you into some sort of ketosis or at higher levels: ketoacidosis.

I'm curious about the comparison to drinking isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) instead, which is gradually metabolized into acetone (the actual psychoactive ingredient) inside the body. If you drink the same amount then gradual seems safer, but I'm not sure if it actually has a bigger difference between active dose and LD50 (or active dose and severe gastrointestinal inflammation).

You get to play the Probably Somatic Mutation Roulette?..

A breath smelling of acetone can also occur when someone is losing weight very fast (extreme diets or the beginning of an eating disorder). An interesting tidbit.