Anybody want to join a Math Club?

by smoofra 1 min read5th Apr 201339 comments


I've found it's hard to teach myself math without an objective.    If I don't have a specific question I'm trying to answer, my eyes just start to skip over equations, trying to get to the "good part".   Pretty soon I've left the boring parts I know far behind.  I've also skipped the less boring parts that i sorta know, and now I'm skipping forward even faster because I only understand  half of what I'm reading.   I wind up skimming the whole book, but not really absorbing much of it.   I think I'd do better if I was planning on discussing what I'm reading with others.

So here's my idea: a math club.   We pick a book, and we read it together.   Every (week | two weeks | month) we read the next chapter in the book, and then we meet up and discuss it.    Anything we can't figure out on our own, we discuss with the other members of the math club until we get it.   The impending deadline of having to actually explain the material to other humans servs to focus and motive the reading.   

Anybody interested?

Possible topics:

EDIT: Benito made a facebook group so we can get organized and do this!  see: