Vaccine... Help? Deprogramming? Something?

by Golden Delicious 1 min read27th Dec 201927 comments


I need help. Pretty much the entire scientific community and everyone I trust as an intellectual role model has said that vaccines are an almost entirely good thing, yet a close member of my family has made a somewhat convincing argument they are dangerous, and I’m terribly confused. I’ve been trying to figure this issue out for months now, and I just can’t. I’ve seen some (a lot of) dark side epistemology used by the more… out there antivaxers (i.e. homeopathy and essential oil people), but although I have a creeping sense some of what my family member is saying is bullshit, I’m still really confused overall, and some of the stuff they are saying seems reasonable, like family history screening.

They also say some stuff I’m pretty sure is total bullshit, like thimerosal levels in vaccines being a problem, or aluminum content.

I don’t think vaccines are linked to autism, and I don’t think the relative in question does either.

In addition, a very young nephew of mine (with a medium degree of confidence as to whether this story was overinflated by the family member) fell ill with severe seizures and almost died less than 24 hours after vaccination.

Can anyone help me sort out this problem?

I’m honestly confused and I think I might be being programmed by my relative.

Edit: Thanks to everyone here. I now realize that what my relative was saying (not my uncle lol) is total bullshit, not just mostly bullshit. They've been hit by a bad belief, and while I don't think I'll be able to talk them out of it, I'll ignore their rants about it in the future.

Thanks again,